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5 Crucial things your website might be missing

5 Crucial things your website might be missing

1) Clear Navigation

First things first, put yourself in the shoes of who will be coming to your site. What are they trying to get done? What will their intended goals be when browsing through your content?

2) Being Mobile Friendly

We’ve written a few in depth posts previously about the importance of a mobile responsive website in today’s online culture. The last you want your readers to do is have to “slide over to the right” to read your content.

3) Contact Information

This element may seem like common sense, and it should be, but you’d be surprised at how uncommon it actually is. How many times have you visited a website and left frustrated because you were unable to easily find the business’ contact info? Your phone number (at least), should be in the header (top) section of your site.

4) Social Media

It goes without saying that you need to be where your potential customers are – and social media is exactly where they are.

5) A Clean, Modern Design

Good design is good business.

Keep things simple and easy to read so the visitor comes away with a great understanding of what you’re all about. Don’t try to say everything about yourself on one page by bombarding the user with too much right from the get go.